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Our blog moves to

September 19th, 2012

Dear readers, what you’re reading right now is our last post here. Don’t despair, though, as we’re going to carry on bringing you breaking airline news, airfare deals and sales, updates on the baggage policy of airlines and more.

From now on, you can find us on, a colourful, frequently updated, cool website offering airline news and much, much more.

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Budget travel worldwide. Amazing infographic!

August 21st, 2012

You’re in for a treat – download the most concise budget traveller guide around and become a really savvy traveller.

We bet none of you enjoys spending more that strictly necessary when travelling. We also guess that the question that occupies you the most when planning is that of how much you will have to allocate to the average day of your stay.

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Tripomatic launches free iPhone travel app

May 10th, 2012

The trip-planner Tripomatic has been around for some time, won one competition and made the planning experience of many travellers better. Not bad! But also it has had one shortcoming – it has lacked an iPhone app. Until now, that is!

Now all mobile travellers have got something to look forward to. Just imagine: a wealth of expert knowledge about countless locations all over the world, pictures and all the essential info packed in a tiny box in your pocket. You can access all this immediately using an intuitive interface.

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Tripomatic offers printable tourist maps for free!

April 12th, 2012

When setting out on a city getaway, most of us purchase some kind of a tourist map. Such maps are usually big, cumbersome to carry around and filled with adverts. Naturally enough, they are not for free. There is an alternative though which solves all these problems.

The guys from the prize-winning trip planner Tripomatic go one step further in making travelling easier for you. This time round they come with printable tourist maps of some evergreen city destinations.

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75 US cities now available in the trip planner Tripomatic

January 25th, 2012

Have you already tried out the new trip planner Tripomatic? If no, then it is about time because it is the best trip planning tool out there and moreover, it is completely free.

Now you have yet another good reason to enhance your travelling experience by means of Tripomatic – its repertoire of destinations has been widened by the 75 most popular US cities. Read more…

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Alitalia check-in

August 17th, 2011

In today’s post of our series presenting the check-in options available for the customers of low-cost airlines as well as traditional carriers, we are going to investigate into the check-in options offered by a large Italian carrier – Alitalia.

Alitalia web check-in

Alitalia’s online check-in is a simple and quick procedure allowing to save time by checking in at home. This option is available from 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time and can be used regardless of the type of baggage one is travelling with (hand baggage/cabin baggage).

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Gatwick: Airport hotel or city airport

August 9th, 2011

Hi travellers. In one of our previous posts we pondered over whether to stay over night at the airport or rather choose a hotel. Today we would like to find out if there is any substantial difference between airport hotels and other accommodations and we base our brief survey on Gatwick Airport.

London Airport (LGW) is the second largest international airport in the United Kingdom. It is located slightly over 45 km south of Central London so when having a one-day layover on your trip and choosing a hotel in the down town, take into account an increase of your travel expences by £28.80. This is the price of a return rail fare to Victoria Station.

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Singapore Airlines check in

August 3rd, 2011

In today’s instalment of our series presenting the check-in options available for the customers of low-cost airlines as well as traditional carriers, we are going to look into how to check in when flying with an Asian carrier which is associated with two things – a very hight standard of services and the image if the Singapore Girl. Yes, that is right, it is Singapore Airlines.

Online check-in

That is as simple as it gets. Click on the Travel Information-bar and choose «online check-in». Then use your SQ Booking reference/618 ticket number and your last name (as in passport).

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Sleeping at the airport or at airport hotels? Read our tips

August 2nd, 2011

Have you ever pondered over the following question – should I sleep at the airport or find accommodation at the nearest hotel? The pros and cons of both options are obvious:

  • Hotel: comfort, access to toilet and bathroom and being in better shape the day after at the price of paying a little extra which may make looking for cheap flights pointless.
  • Airport: probably a poor sleep, the danger of being accosted by the staff at some airports and the necessity of looking after your belongings but it also means savings.

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How to save on summer flights?

July 29th, 2011

The summer season has official started and along with it comes the urge to throw it all away, pack some stuff and set off on at least a weekend trip. The evergreen dilemma here is how to fly cheap? Does choosing a one of many low-cost-airlines solve the problem?

  • Low-budget carriers are cheaper on average which does not automatically mean they are cheap by definition. So our first advice is not to reject traditional carriers. Take your time and look into the current offer of British Airways before you enter the site of Ryanair. Travelling with Ryanair let us say on the route London – Gothenburg does not have to be cheaper than the same route with British Airlines, and certainly not when you wish to take with you of item of hold baggage. When flying the British flag carrier, one item of baggage is included in the ticket price. Read more…

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