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Ryanair to dismiss the fear of volcanic ash

May 25th, 2011

Now, this does not exactly come as a huge surprise. After all, we got used to the PR-style of the Irish low-cost giant Ryanair. Amidst the anxiety over the last volcanic eruption on Iceland (read yesterday’s post), Micheal O’Leary, turns the spotlight on himself one more time.

While flight after flight was cancelled across Northern Europe, mainly from and to Northern England and Scotland, Ryanair decided to put the forecasts of the British Civil Aviation Authorities to the test.

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Volcanic ash cloud. Grímsvötn causes first cancellations

May 24th, 2011

History likes to repeat itself. It did not take long after the dust has settled down after the eruption of Eyafjallajökull, before yet another Icelandic volcano woke up and rumbled. Grímsvötn erupted on Saturday and by now the cloud ash has reached Norway and Scotland causing small disruptions there.

The current situation is very unclear and changing. The ash cloud is believed to reach Sweden by Tuesday but the forecast are not always precise – e.g. the Norwegian aviation authorities did not expect the cloud to reach Norway so quickly.

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Tokyo Airports hit by Japan Earthquake

March 14th, 2011


The last couple of days the entire world has been following the recent earthquake in Japan in shock and disbelief. With the death toll increasing, and the nuclear crisis looming over the country, the overall picture of the situation is still unclear.

The population is struggling with power cuts and experiencing the worst crisis since the second world war while the economic activities are seriously disrupted the world’s third largest economy with the biggest companies temporarily closing its sites.

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