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Hong Kong Airlines embraces Kung Fu. Watch videos!

May 11th, 2011

Remember the post about unruly passengers we published the other day? Today we prepared a nice follow-up for you. If you are a martial arts enthusiast, you will find it particularly interesting. But you on the other hand happen to be a troublemaker tending to mess with female flight attendants, your days are numbered provided you have the misfortune of coming across a flight attendant on board a Hong Kong Airlines’ aircraft.

Why? Well, the reason is that flight attendants of this airline now receive a compulsory training in Wing Chun which is a form of Kung Fu designed for close-range combat in confined spaces.

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New Air New Zealand video – the funniest so far

March 29th, 2011

The prevailing picture of New Zealanders is friendly, outgoing and informal people and the image of New Zealand­’s national carrier – Air New Zealand – as a somehow relaxed airline fits with it! In case you need a living proof of the latter, look no further but take a look at this hilarious safety instructions video which has created a sensation on the internet.

The video is slightly flamboyant for a safety instructions video but is just perfect for both passengers and disco fans world over. It stars the American fitness celebrity – Richard Simmons and makes you want to dance.

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Virgin Atlantic flight attendants officially hottest

February 15th, 2011

What is it? Red, hot and hight in the sky? The answer is Virgin Atlantic flight attendants who recently have been voted the hottest in their profession. Undoubtedly both the latest incredibly sensual and sexy TV ad and the well-cut red uniforms has contributed to their image but the decisive factor is, naturally enough, their beauty.

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Mutiny on board Ryanair aircraft

February 11th, 2011


Again a flashy headline featuring the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair, a carrier which begins every press release by entitling itself as “the world’s favourite airline”. This time it appears that Ryanair is not the baddie – it just uses a pretty good PR-opportunity that came its way.

You might have heard about a bunch of Belgian students who arrived at the Airport Lanzarote both delayed and in a festive mood. They were allowed to proceed on board provided they paid for the baggage they had not checked in, a proposal they turned down and moreover allegedly behaved in an aggressive manner. It led to them not being allowed on board which in its turned engendered righteous anger in those students who were on board. Long story short – mutiny broke out. Guardia Civil had to intervene.

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Domodedovo blast – a black day for many

January 25th, 2011

Yesterday’s bloody terrorist attack on Airport Dmodedovo, Russia’s busiest airport which killed at least 35 innocent people and injured over 100 marks a black day for many – for the families of the victims and those who experienced the trauma of witnessing to this horrific act of appalling violence.

The number of the killed may increase as some of the wounded are in critical state. Among the victims are both citizens of Russian Federation and foreign travellers.

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Three-dimensional twist on airtraffic in Europe

January 20th, 2011

In one of our previous posts we directed your attention to an interesting and much seen video showing one day in the air traffic world over. We just stumbled across a different and equally fascinating animation related to air traffic.

This time it concerns the aviation traffic in Europe and shows myriads of aircraft belonging to various airlines not only from above but also in cross-section which is what makes it particularly worthy of attention. Enjoy!

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Low-cost chill out before the New Year’s Eve

December 29th, 2010

It is coming up to the New Year’s Eve, hence the tone of our posts these last days of the year 2010. While everything still revolves around airlines, aviation and air travels, the posts are designed so as to provide to with some entertainment.

And who combines aviation and humour better that the good old chaps from Monty Python’s Flying Circus?

No, this post is not all about a far-fetched association between and the word “flying“! What we found for you is this evergreen sketch “Airline Pilot Practical Jokes“. Enjoy!!

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Cebu Pacific: cool flight attendants’ safety performance

October 4th, 2010

Do you think that safety rules that you hear before every flight have to be always boring? You should watch this video where Cebu Pacific‘s flight attendants perform the safety rules on Lady Gaga’s song!

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Interesting video: world air traffic 24 hour period

June 8th, 2010

Have you ever wondered how the world air traffic looks like during the whole day? Watch this video and discover how airlines do their work! The video is a 24 hour observation of all of the large aircraft flights on one summer day. You can notice that as evening approaches, the air traffic is frequent mainly from the USA to Europe. Do you like it?

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British Airways strike announcement

May 11th, 2010

Unite, the trade union that represents British Airways cabin crew, has announced its intention to take strike action. Four terms are already planned: May 18 – May 22, May 24 – May 28, May 30 – June 3 and June 5 – June 9.

Due to the support British Airways has received from cabin crew based at London Gatwick, all flights to and from Gatwick will continue to operate as normal. All flights to and from London City will also be unaffected. At London Heathrow BA plans to operate a substantial part of our longhaul schedule and there will be a number of flights to every destination across our shorthaul network.

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