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Airport security – what you should know

June 13th, 2011

In today’s world of ever-increasing security measures it is important to be informed and prepared. In this article we will briefly familiarize you with the most common rules of airport security. Being prepared will spare you what every traveler hates the most – waiting. Read more…

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Unaccompanied baggage rates. Does it pay off?

April 19th, 2011

Moving, going to work abroad or maybe just getting away for a prolonged stay? At any rate, the chances are that you will need to take with you more personal belongings than is the case with shorter getaways. As you might have learnt reading our series on baggage policy, the baggage allowances of various carriers leave us basically with two options – restrict what we take with us and pay less, or pack all the stuff we want consequently burning a hole in the budget. But what if you are compelled to take more than allowed? Are excess baggage fees an unpleasant necessity?

The answer is – it does not have to be this way. Have you ever heard the term «unaccompanied baggage»? All it comes down to is sending your luggage as cargo. The crucial thing is to contact the airlines in question and find out their unaccompanied baggage rates. The rates are calculated based on weight, size and route.

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