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The latest airline and airport news

June 4th, 2012

Let us start off the week with a little update on what is happening the world of airports and airlines. First we will have a look at airlines.

Travellers departing from Airport Glasgow may want to know that the low-cost carrier Jet2 recently has added two news services to leisure destinations, both in Greece. Both the Glasgow – Heraklion and Glasgow – Rhodes flights are in operation from now to the end of September.

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How airport noise destroys your health

April 20th, 2011

What comes to your mind when your read the word «pollution»? We bet it is smog, cars and fossil fuel. This is all right but what about noise? If you happen to live in the immediate proximity of an airport, you know all too well what we mean.

The results of different studies show the health related consequences may be far-reaching. Not only does noise affect you performance but also can bring about changes in blood pressure. The latter was shown in a study conducted in children living near Los Angeles Airport.

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Less noise at Oslo Airport

March 23rd, 2011

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Oslo Airport, is to introduce a innovative solution in order to protect people living in the area close to the airport against noise. Lets take a look at how the new regulation governs the traffic to and from the airport.

Until recently, airplanes taking off from Oslo Airport turned toward the destination immediately upon reaching a certain altitude. Whereas now they will follow so-called traffic corridors regardless of altitude which will allow them to avoid the the most densely populated areas. Next, they will head for the focal point which is now located further away – around 20 km from the runway.

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