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Christmas presents for travellers

December 20th, 2010

It is coming up to Christmas and we all face the dread of the annual buying frenzy. If we set aside the question of how not to burn a hole in one’s budget, we’ve got still one serious problem leftwhat to buy to all family members, friends, fiances, the boyfriends of our siblings…. The list is endless. Have you ever wondered what kind of gift would suit travellers?

You may say it’s simple, a holiday package or a plane ticket to Paris would be just fine. But that will cost cost you a lot. Let’s forget about airfares deals and low-cost airlines for a while and concentrate on a few fancy gadgets.

Photo maniac

We bet you know somebody obsessively taking pictures wherever they go, reglardless of weather, environmet and, what’s least understandable of all, what they photograph! No matter whether you friend is off to Munich to take pictures of the Christmas market or flies from London to Reykjavik in hope of taking pictures of the smoking volcano, there’s a wide range of things you can buy for such a person: a classical tripod stand, a memory card or a telescopic photo arm for all those who love standing in the foreground of every single photo they take.


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