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How airport noise destroys your health

April 20th, 2011

What comes to your mind when your read the word «pollution»? We bet it is smog, cars and fossil fuel. This is all right but what about noise? If you happen to live in the immediate proximity of an airport, you know all too well what we mean.

The results of different studies show the health related consequences may be far-reaching. Not only does noise affect you performance but also can bring about changes in blood pressure. The latter was shown in a study conducted in children living near Los Angeles Airport.

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The weekly update on new routes and services

April 4th, 2011


Hi guys, it is time for our weekly preview of the latest development in the world of aviation – new routes and services as well as other news from the low-cost airlines and traditional carriers.

We begin with some breaking figures from Brussels Airport. The summer schedule, which has been in effect for a couple of days, is truly impressive in that it includes as much as 80 airlines operating services to 214 destinations. Among the newcomers is the renowned and constantly expanding Qatar Airways, whereas among the new destinations until recently now available from Brussels are Doha and Liverpool.

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