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Fly cheap – bargain flights and special offers

July 19th, 2012

Here comes a little wrap up of some of the most interesting flight offers we’ve come across the last couple of days.

First of all, the ultimate airfare deal for you who travel with family from Abu Dhabi. The renowned carrier Etihad is ready to carry up to two kids (between the age of two and eleven) for free with an accompanying adult. Details on the website of Etihad.

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Summer airfare deals

June 26th, 2012

This first summer month is coming to an end but there is plenty of time to book your vacation. There are plenty of airfare sales out there as well and we bring you some of them!

Let us go through this week specials from a variety of airports. Click on the carrier to get redirected to the official website and book directly there.

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Air New Zealand – airfares to New Zealand and more

February 20th, 2012

As you may know, the flight offer of Air New Zealand is so much more than just airfares to New Zealand. Let us see where this well-known airline can carry us from London and for how much.

Travellers departing from London Airport may choose among some delicious destinations such as Los Angeles, Hong Kong or Auckland.

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Air New Zealand check-in

January 19th, 2012

Howdy, flyers. Today in our informative series about the check-in options offered by various low-cost airlines and traditional carriers, we are going to have a look at Air New Zealand.

Most of you are getting used to checking in online to save time. It may therefore come as a surprise that this big airline does not offer online check-in.

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New Air New Zealand video – the funniest so far

March 29th, 2011

The prevailing picture of New Zealanders is friendly, outgoing and informal people and the image of New Zealand­’s national carrier – Air New Zealand – as a somehow relaxed airline fits with it! In case you need a living proof of the latter, look no further but take a look at this hilarious safety instructions video which has created a sensation on the internet.

The video is slightly flamboyant for a safety instructions video but is just perfect for both passengers and disco fans world over. It stars the American fitness celebrity – Richard Simmons and makes you want to dance.

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New Zealand airports in operation after the earthquake

February 25th, 2011

Following the disastrous earthquake in which 113 lost their life (the estimated number of the victims at the time of writing), the air traffic from and to New Zealand has been affected. But now all airports in New Zealand are in operation again. This includes also Christchurch International Airport which is providing free parking to facilitate the travelling.

Still, the situation is somewhat precarious so the travellers are advised to always check with their carrier or/and get confirmation from the airport as to what the current situation is.

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Air New Zealand’s cyclical offer

August 9th, 2010

If you happen to travel in the Australia and New Zealand region from time to time but are not particularly happy with the air fares and if gaudy advertising slogans like “ludicrously low fare” or “grab a seat!” do not ring a bell with you, well it is high time you made acquaintance with Air New Zealand‘s promotions.

The grab-a-seat offer is all about some top routes in the region, like for instance Melbourne-Auckland, and promotional fares that tend to sell out rather speedy. Gradually more and more routes are getting labelled as “sold out” but often times there appears an alternative fare a trifle higher that the original one but still advantageous. Prices oscillate above and below NZD 100.

Whether the prices are that ludicrously low or not, is for you to assess but this cyclical promotion is definitely worth looking at. Interested to learn more? Drop in to the carrier’s website.

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The call of Oceania and more from New Zealand

July 19th, 2010

It is time to explore the cultural richness and diversity of the South Pacific Islands. With the huge number of islands (20,000-30,000) the exploration seems a life time project, so why not get at least a flavour of what the South Pacific region offers? With the latest discounted airfares from Air New Zealand Auckland may become the gateway to the Kingdom of Tonga, Samoa and many many more destinations in Oceania.

If you on the other hand prefer to head for a somewhat bigger island, by which we mean Australia, Air New Zealand has something for you as well.

The sale period may vary depending on destination but the truth of the matter is that in a couple of days the seats will be sold out. The port of departure is Auckland and fares start at NZD 139.

For detailed information visit the carrier’s web site.

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Air New Zealand speciality – Aussie Deals

June 28th, 2010

If you travel in the Australia and New Zealand region but the phrase Aussie Deals does not ring a bell for you, it is hight time you make an acquaintance with it. On the other hand, if you are no stranger to the 48 hours offers form Air New Zealand, let us just draw your attention to the latest one.

This time Aussie Deals take you from Auckland and Rotorua to a some Australian top destinations, such as Sydney or Melbourne for fares starting at  NZD 139. Whether you want to pay a visit a to your friends, set out on a business trip or just go on a short getaway, do not hesitate – the offer is valid just 48 hours and the seats cheap flights can sell out fast.

For more detailed information concerning the travel period go to the carrier’s web site.

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Air New Zealand and Virgin Blue announce codeshare

May 3rd, 2010

Air New Zealand and Virgin Blue Airlines Group have announced their intention to seek regulatory approval to create an alliance on the trans-Tasman. The proposed alliance will allow the airlines to strengthen their competitive offering on the trans-Tasman and to collaborate on future route and product planning, code sharing and frequent flyer programme benefits.

The proposed alliance will connect regional centres in Australia and New Zealand but only as part of a Tasman journey and does not include domestic-only travel in either Australia or New Zealand. The agreement is not a signal of intention by Air New Zealand or Virgin Blue to take a shareholding in the other. For more details continue to

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