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Black list: airlines banned from operating in EU

In April, the The European Commission has adopted the 17th update of its list of carriers banned from carrying out flights to the member states of the Community as well as airlines which can operate in Europe under specific conditions.

The latest version of the list includes 269 airlines from 21 countries such as Afghanistan, Republic of Congo, Kazakhstan or Philippines, whereas examples of the banned airlines are: Safi Airlines (Afghanistan), Aero Service (Republic of Congo) or Cebu Pacific (Republic of the Philippines).

Behind the black list there is a whole series of serious aviation accidents as catastrophes involving carriers not complying with essential safety standards. Today we take for granted that the overview over airlines which have poor safety record is made public and accessible to everybody but it was not the case for just a couple of years ago. What is most appalling is that fact that even though the information list was never classified as confidential, the names of the airlines on it were kept secret as an gentleman’s agreement. It seems that business confidentiality principles weighed more than human life.

The situation changed following the tragic air crash in Egypt in 2004 where 133 French passengers died unaware of the fact that the airline they were travelling with – Flash Airlines – had failed a Swiss safety test. In the wake of the accident the campaign for more openness gathered momentum and gradually access to the information was given to European consumers.

If you wish to view the full , please click here and get redirected to the official website of the European Commission.

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